Kalah Allen
Dear Court, I'm Sorry

One night, I decided to go to a pub with some friends. Before leaving, we enjoyed a few drinks at one of our houses. We then took the MAX to our destination. Midway through the trip, I felt the overwhelming urge to urinate. Once arrived at our destination, I proceeded to the restrooms, which to my chagrin were locked. I tried to hold out for another available lavatory, but in the end succumbed to my natural urges, located a discrete corner, and proceeded to urinate. Unfortunately, three Portland Police Officers confronted me during this shameful act, and I was cited. With my friends looking on, this was one of the more embarrassing things that have happened to me.

I feel that this can be avoided in the future by increased focus on bodily functions and better scheduling of my urination timeline. I realize it is more difficult to "hold in" my urine after a few drinks. I also understand that I need to be more responsible about planning my urination. In conclusion, I feel my actions were a scar in the face of justice, and that my community service has helped teach me a lesson. --Anonymous