Kalah Allen

This is for that Nazi who dragged me out of the public washroom at the downtown library. I was trying to wash my face and armpits, and I still had soap in my eyes when you humiliated me by escorting me out of the building. Well, guess what I did the very next dayÉ Remember when that outraged old lady left the john in a hurry because she had discovered something really, really filthy in one of the sinks? One of my spies saw you go back there, so I know it was you who got to see that "bloody" used Kotex. And even though I'd really just cleverly soaked the skanky ass thing with ten packets of McDonalds ketchup, you were undoubtedly too retarded to figure that out. I'm sick of sadistic cops and guards treating the homeless like shit they want to scrape off their goose stepping boots, so let this be a lesson to you, you fuckin' Nazi asshole! Next time I'll leave a real bloody Kotex for you to clean up. --Anonymous