Kalah Allen
Laundry & Loathing

Hey bitch who took my laundry out of the dryer to put your skanky ass ho clothes in there: fuck you, up your stupid ass. Are you really that broke, that you need to steal $1.50 from me? I bet you think you're real fuckin' covert! As soon as I put my laundry in, you sneak up all Charlie's Angels-style, throw my shit on the floor, and swipe my dryer time. Well I'm broke too--obviously, since we both live in a shithole of an apartment. I hope the rat living down there eats a hole in your slutty thong! I'm just glad my clothes were in there before yours, so I don't get your fuckin' chlamydia fumes all over my shit! I bet you were the cunt who stole my towels and jeans, too. Next time you have to get cum stains out of your polyester-blend half shirt, I suggest you mess with some other girl, cause I'm the one who put your nasty clothes in the trash. With gloves, by the way, I won't touch that shit with my bare hands. Fuck you. You're familiar with being fucked, right? Yeah. Fuck you again. --Anonymous