Bwana Spoons
Mean With Envy

I hate you, Cameron Diaz, you stupid, talent-less bitch! I'll give you credit for your work on Shrek and Shrek 2--but only because I didn't have to look at your mindless expression. Your latest appearance on Oprah helped me come to the conclusion that you have no right to be working as an actress; especially the highest paid actress in Hollywood! You are NOTHING! The way you tried to explain improv was sickening! You had the fucking nerve to say something like, "I have no training to do that kind of stuff. I just played the same character in each little skit we did." You openly claim to have no training? You're more stupid than I originally thought! And never call a sketch a "skit" ever again. What, are you still in fucking preschool?? Go back to modeling, or take an acting class. Maybe then the public might feel that you actually earn the millions of dollars per movie you get. Don't make those of us who are legitimately trying to make it in the business feel like YOU are what we aspire to be--I'd rather die. --Anonymous