Blinded by Blubber

Just because Lane Bryant and Torrid sell ruffled minis does not mean you have to wear them. If you are heavier than the combined weight of Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua this is not a look your fat ass can pull off. You and your two friends showed up at the restaurant I work at, with your ample guts spilling out over the waistbands of your weight-inappropriate skirts. The sight was pretty vile. But it reached its heinous apex when I had to ascend the stairs after you. Be humane and PUT SOME DAMN PANTIES ON!! Yes, I saw all your business. I was innocently trying to eke out my living when you did this to me. The horrific visual will remain with me for life. Then I realized you were sitting in a boothÉ sliding in and out. I truly felt like I should call in a HAZMAT team when you left. I suppose I should thank you for my recent weight loss, but the money I'm spending on shots of alcohol to dull the pain of the visual makes me cranky. Just please do some Pilates before you ever wear that outfit again. --Anonymous