Kalah Allen
Boys Are Toys

I met you at a bar when I was a little drunk. We hit it off, went home together, and fucked. Sometimes I see you from time to time at the same bar or at parties. You act all smug, like you think you're such a pimp because you didn't call me afterwards. Well I didn't call you either, douche bag. I don't know why so many boys buy into the myth that if a girl sleeps with you right away, it's because she's desperate, slutty or just really, really smitten. Chances are she probably isn't. Give me a fucking break, you egomaniacs! We know the rules, too, and we're playing right along with you! Do you really think a modern, urban, adult woman would actually violate the "first night rule" out of naivete? Because we think you're gonna be our baby daddy and don't need to look any further? Maybe it's because we're also just using you out of boredom, horniness, or competition. Next time you congratulate yourself for being such a heartbreaker, remember that we give it up on the first date when we don't think you're worth a second. --Anonymous