Wait, Who's for Jesus?

Jews for Jesus can suck my Jewish prick. I was accosted recently on the PSU campus by some jerk blabbering about Jeezis. He wasn't the regular type, however--he was a "Jew for Jesus." A JEW! For fucking goddamn JESUS! For fuck's sake! Repeat after me, jerk: I am not a Jew. I am a goddamn Christian. A fucking goyish Semite? Maybe. When you meet your maker, maybe he'll forgive you for being a blaspheming retard--but I and all other sane mortals never will. So please, any J.F.J.s reading this: drop "Jews" from your cult's name and just be "Regular Assholes for Jesus" already. You are not part of my club anymore. From Moses on, Jews have been so fucking great--and now you shits are trying to make us look like jerks! And by the way, aren't you concerned about offending the other Christ-lovers out there by holding onto your nonexistent Jewishness? Stop representing already, and pray to the "Son of God" that I don't get intellectually raped by you again… or you will know the wrath of this God-fearing Christ killer. --Anonymous