Kalah Allen
Crying Canvasser

It's campaign season, and once again I am trudging through your neighborhood, trying to inform you about the precious democracy that the big flag on your front porch represents. I have band-aids on my wet toes, it's raining, my flyers are getting wrinkled and giving me paper cuts, and I'm not getting paid--I'm doing this because I BELIEVE in something, for God's sake. And YOU have to first give me a dirty look through the window, then open the door and say something really fucking RUDE like "I am so sick of this garbage." As if democracy was garbage. Or "Oh, I don't know anything about this stuff," as if you were not responsible for your own society, or "My wife knows how we're going to vote," as if you had no brain of your own. Godammit, READ! You might LEARN something, you assholes!! Take the goddamn flyer!!! TAKE THE GODDAMN FLYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--Anonymous