Art Installation Citation

To the schmucks who run a certain 76 station: Wondering who locked up your trashy back lot with the biggest fucking padlock money can buy? And who attached a fake citation (designed to be as vague and irritating as possible) declaring the area "sealed" by the City of Portland? What did the Bureau of Development Services have to say when you complained to them? Our artwork was pretty effective, judging by how long your back lot was closed.

You see, we needed help, and we thought we could count on you--you're a service station, for Christ's sake! Our car broke down and we barely made it to your parking lot. But instead of repairing it, you towed it 30 feet to your back lot, and held it hostage until we'd cough up a $50 towing fee plus $20 per day for "storage." And we "had better pay up fast, because pretty soon it'll be more than the car is worth." Assholes. You'd better shape up and respect the community you're in. Because you picked the wrong people to screw with: artists. --Anonymous