The Hurl District

I thought it was really good to see Portland making an effort to showcase its budding artists. Unfortunately, it's a bunch of overpriced regurgitations. I thought art was supposed to be about creating something uniqueÉ but in the Pearl, it's about painting landscape after painful landscape.

Where did we go wrong? Why has experimental, powerful art been pushed aside for something we have all seen 10,000 times? Good art is never recognized until the artist is dead. Do you know why? It's because of places like the Pearl.

All you shit-nosed yuppies shopping in the Pearl should go look for some art that makes you experience an emotion. I find it hard to believe that pears in a bowl can do that. You want to feel like you're cultured and sophisticated, but if you were, you wouldn't be looking at this shit--you'd be out finding the art that kicks you in the teeth. Art isn't about recreating exactly what you seeÉ that's called an "exercise." The Pearl has a lot of "exercises" on display, all for an average of $20,000. Fuck you for setting back the advancement of fine art across this nation!--Anonymous