Gaydar 101

To my stupid students: I am gay. I go home every day amazed that you ingrates cannot put two and two together. I talk about interior design, my "roommate," and give hair and fashion tips to students. I even say I don't like sports! HELLLOOOO! I am dropping hints left and right that I AM A FAGGOT! So stop asking your pointed questions about my personal life. The writing is on the wall. I am gay, but I cannot admit it because your stupid school is full of conservative parents and students. So stop asking. You know, deep down inside, that I am a homo. I see it on your puzzled little faces everyday. I can only pray that someday the students in my classes will reflect upon high school and think, "Gee, he was gay, and that's O.K." Better yet, some of you may read this and figure out who I am. Please do not approach me and ask. Just let me be a positive example of a gay person. Hopefully someday I will be able to be honest about who I am in all aspects of my life. Until then, I'll just let you think whatever you want. --Anonymous