Diddler on the Roof

Dear pervert on my roof:I was enjoying one of the most unique and beautiful moments of my life with the woman and man of my dreams--hours and hours of non-stop orgasms and cooing--only to be interrupted at an extremely heightened moment (cock in mouth, with my pussy being eaten out) to the shock of seeing someone's googling eyeson my rooftop, staring in my skylight window and holding a video camera. What the fuck!?Can't people enjoy amazing threesomes anymore without the fear that they will end up porn stars in some perverted bastard's living room, or--if we're lucky--on the wonderful fucking world wide web?At the very least, you could make me a copy, you bastard!If you have any shred of decency at all, you willreturn the originalfootage and any copies. You were not invited. Youwere not appreciated. And I saw your face, you creep with glasses. So if you're smart, you'll return to me what you took. I can forgive you for looking, but I'm way creeped out that you have it on tape. If I see you in person, I will likely kick you in the balls. --Anonymous