Snail Male

My mailman (let's call him Brad) had been flirting with me for months and hey, he looked prettydamn hung, bouncing up and down the stairs of my apartment building, quite obviously wearing no underwear. One day he started parking his jeep around the cornerand we got naked a couple times on my couch during his lunch breaks. Initially, it was cool, since he swore on his momma's grave that he was single. Plus, he offered to tie me up and tease me with my favorite vibrator, all the while holding pretty stamps for me to drool over just out of my straining reach--god, that was fun! But oops, he left his cell phone at home one day, and his wife answered my booty call instead of Brad!Then he mademe out to be some kind of "stamp stalker" and his little federal employee ass has tried to give me the heave ho--all the time, still delivering my mail like before.I told his wifeyeverything,since she keeps calling me. Then I called the cops and gothim arrested for disorderly conduct or some shit after he destroyed the cell phone in a sick rage in front of my neighbors!!! Haaa haaaa!!! Snail mail sucks anyway. --Anonymous