Kalah Allen

I fucking hate you homeless people. Sometimes I feel like pulling out a knife and slicing through your malnourished abdomens. It's not that I'm a bad person, I just can't stand how fucking lazy and ignorant you are. Most of you are living on the streets because you RAN away. NOT because you're a veteran, NOT because you were left on the side of the road, NOT because your parents beat you to near-death, NOT because you have mental problems, and NOT because you were laid off for insider trading. A good portion of you people who sleep on the streets, in one way or another, choose that life. So quit asking for money, you cocksucking junkies. I don't have any spare change or food or time for you. Especially when it seems to me you get enough money to purchase drugs, fast food, new shoes, and tattoos. For those living on the streets that don't fall into the above category... I hate you, too. Not because of laziness or ignorance, but for the fact that when I see you, I feel a helplessness inside myself. Which, frankly, I do not like.—Anonymous