To the stupid white trash at the Portland Art Museum on October 2 for the opening of the Mark Building: STOP TOUCHING THE ART, YOU IDIOT SCUM!!! I cannot tell you the horror experienced by my companions and I as we rounded the corner and were shocked out of our reverent enjoyment by the sight of you slapping the buttocks of the 113-year-old cast of a Greco-Roman wrestler. Aside from this poor taste, you had the nerve to surmise that because it was only a casting, not under glass, not shielded by motion-sensing alarms, and no sign was telling you not to; "they were letting" you touch it. NO! They were certainly not letting you touch it. They figure you are old enough to know better. Why your companion (who seemed to know something about art) didn't have the balls to tell you to knock it off directly, I don't know. Art molesters: Don't go to the freakin' museum until you learn keep your acidic, grimy, oily paws off the art. Maybe the statue will last another 113 years so your grandkids can have a chance to behave better than you.—Anonymous