I want to ask the fucking no-job-having people of this town to STOP HAVING SEX IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!! At least twice in the last week I've given two couples shit for fornicating in front of my home, in front of my husband and my children. If your marriage isn't that important, leave the bastard and stop cheating with someone in front of my house. I have a GREAT view of the park and the ducks, and you fucking cheap-ass morons can't afford a goddamned hotel room? Those dirty video stores only charge a buck's worth of coins to watch the movie, and they don't care what you do in there. Either way, get a fucking job and rent a house, or go to a hourly motel somewhere—just stop doing the nasty in front of my house, or I'll start calling the fucking cops instead of giving you a chance to leave. OH—and by the way—if that fat bitch would lose 40 or 50 pounds, her husband would probably want to start having sex with her again. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!—Anonymous