To all the people who see a guy in a wheelchair and just have got to give him a hand: Back the fuck off. If I decline your help, do not under any circumstances try to "help" anyway. This wheelchair is an extension of my body; how would you like it if I just grabbed your arm and started dragging you around? While you're knocking yourself out trying to earn a fucking merit badge, you're making me late, because now we're moving half as quickly as I was on my own. I've been getting around by myself for some years now, carrying my own groceries and wiping my own ass and everything, so if I tell you I've got it, you have to trust that I'm not just being stubborn. And even if I am, what fucking business is it of yours? You have no right to countermand my wishes just because you think I need it. The most irksome part is that I know you'd never try anything so obnoxious with an able-bodied person. The next asshole who tries to manhandle me is going to get a broken nose; not only will it get my point across, but it'll totally change his view on the self-sufficiency of the handicapped.—Anonymous