Why is it that every time I say that such-and-such band sucks, some obnoxious douche has to chime in and say that I'm wrong? It's always, "Just because you don't like the band, doesn't actually mean that they suck." Well, as far as I'm concerned, if I don't like them it means that the band does, in fact, suck. And if you happen to like said band, then you suck for liking them and should QUIT YOUR DAMN BITCHING AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's this thing called an opinion. I'm actually capable of forming one for myself. And unfortunately for you, my opinion's that you're a fucking moron and you listen to shitty music. I'm tired of your bullshit, just like I'm tired of all the shit the music industry is pumping out. I'm tired of artists re-releasing the same 10 songs over and over. I'm tired of "angsty" emo shitheads whining about how no one loves them. And I'm especially fucking tired of hardcore. Apparently these days any group of talentless shitheads can get a recording contract if they whine, scream, and make a lot of noise with their instruments. So go fuck yourself.—Anonymous