Kalah Allen

To all the uncaring folks at ODOT, who told us that speed law enforcement is a police matter; to all the uncaring folks in the PPD, who told us it was an ODOT matter; but mostly to those uncaring, unthinking assholes who continue to fly down St. Helens Road, going 40 MPH over the posted speed limit... I curse you all. You killed our precious pugbaby.

You couldn't maybe pretend you're NOT the only person on the street? You couldn't maybe SLOW THE HELL DOWN?!? You killed our sweet little puppy... ours for only 11 days. Your desperation to get God-knows-where in some God-knows-why rush took him away from the only love he'd ever known. I wish I could erect a stop sign, so you'd all have to contemplate his loss at the spot where he left us. I wish you were all consumed with guilt. I know neither will happen.

Our puppy was given to us to love and protect, and we failed him. We will beg his forgiveness every day for the rest of our lives. But for all of you, there will be no forgiveness. And we will hate you for the rest of your days.—Anonymous