Kalah Allen

Why would you have a yard sale and then refuse to sell the things I want to buy? I walked up to your house, a front patio laden with loads of junk. You holler, "EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR!" and I swoon. I see a neat Sonic Youth poster to adorn my walls, a couple pretty scarves to tie to my purse, a little owl-shaped paperweight. More people are attracted to your sale. You continue to boast the mere dollar price on everything displayed. More swoons ensue. I bring the treasures to you, excited by such finds. "Oh no. I can't let this poster go!" I hold up the scarves. "Those are... those are five dollars each. They're silk, you know?" It seems you cannot "let go" of any of the things I want to purchase. You become convinced you can sell these items on eBay for much more, and you know what? You probably can. But when you have a yard sale and boast a dollar price, then turn around and bluntly shout at me that I am crazy for wanting to buy these things for a dollar apiece, then that's just rude. And you hurt my feelings for calling me crazy.—Anonymous