"Hey everyone, I have a great idea for Last Thursday! Let's go dumpster diving, nail a bunch of trash together, splash it with paint, clearly label it as art (because it might otherwise be mistaken as trash), and litter the neighborhood with it!" Is that what you were thinking?? It's bad enough that I have had to walk by your "art car" every day for a year, piled high with loads of paint-splashed trash, but did you have to set up little junk stations all over our neighborhood? Alberta is a neighborhood full of talented artists, and you are insulting each one of them by boldly and shamelessly displaying your third-grade-level trash creations. I plead with you to please load up your plastic cake lids, broken chairs, doll house, etc., splattered with paint, into your "art" car and either push it off a cliff near Gresham or MAKE A DUMP RUN! I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of seeing it everywhere. If you have to paint the word "art" on your art for clarification... it is something other than art.—Anonymous