To women who insist on peeing on the toilet seat: Look, I can understand you not wanting a public toilet seat to touch the back of your pristine thighs. But some of us don't care. So when you leave pee on the seat in a nice, dim ladies' room, we can't see it and WE SIT DOWN IN IT. In your pee. Your disgusting, cold, copious spray. We may be distracted. We may be drunk. But nobody deserves to sit in your leftover waste. For the love of god, use a fucking seat cover! If you don't want to do this, go ahead and hover, splashing piss all over the seat and the floor and your thighs and your ass and your panties. Fine. BUT WIPE THE GODDAMN SEAT OFF WHEN YOU'RE DONE. What, you don't want to get any piss on your hands? Well, honey, it's a lot easier for you to wash your hands in a public restroom than it is for me to wash off my fucking ass. I've had you thoughtless morons come out of the stall smiling at me! Knowing that in mere moments, my posterior would be dripping with your bladder effluvia. What on earth are you thinking? Aren't you embarrassed?—Anonymous