To the "private nonprofit social services agency" that moved into my neighborhood this past year: Thanks a lot for taking a holistic approach to healing and helping drug users, gamblers, and drunken drivers. Thanks also for allowing your "clients" to congregate in large groups around the property, on the sidewalks, and across the street. Don't you think you can come up with some place other than the sidewalk for them to wait for treatment? Do you think I like being stared down by menacing groups of men as I walk my dog? Do you think I enjoy having them shout at me and comment on my appearance? Oh, and in case you didn't know, it's so great that they all love to watch me walk around alone and then watch to see where I live. I feel so secure knowing that such upstanding members of the community take an interest in seeing where I sleep at night. Well fuck you and your mission. Fuck you for letting them block the sidewalks, threaten women, drive like assholes down our tiny street, and litter incessantly. You're really providing a great service to the Portland community.—Anonymous