It's always nice to walk though my SE Portland neighborhood and see the words "Earth Killer" spray painted on cars. I guess the easiest target for some dumbass pseudo-eco-terrorist is an SUV parked outside its owner's home while he or she is sleeping. You fucking coward! If you had any guts or brains you'd find a worthy cause, instead of one that just allows you to shower yourself in praise while your friends stroke your flaccid genitals. Just because you don't own an automobile doesn't mean you shouldn't do some research before vandalizing private property. Don't you realize that the aerosol can you used to spray paint those cars with pollutes the environment by dispersing particles into the atmosphere, thus furthering the negative effects of greenhouse gasses? GOOD JOB YOU MORONIC HYPOCRITE! You aren't even helping your own cause! Think before you act! You are not a revolutionary. You are a dork without the courage to confront your challenges in a worthy fashion. I can at least hope that when you returned home you had the brains to recycle the can instead of throwing it away.—Anonymous