Kalah Allen
To the young, horny couple that decided to have sex at 10 am on a weekday on the roof level of the SW 4th and Taylor Smart Park: Today was my birthday, and from the 11th floor of the tower across the street, my coworkers and I were eating cake and laughing our asses off as we watched you kids do the nasty. What, you thought we wouldn't notice a guy holding a girl up against the wall with his dick? And you didn't think that old lady in her car would notice? It was pure comedy when you realized you weren't alone on the roof anymore. Running for the stairs as you zipped your pants and pulled your skirt back down was the perfect ending to the scene. You adventurous little things—you gave me, and many others in the high-rises all around you, a nice bit of free, live, coffee break (or in my case, birthday cake) porn! It was hot and exciting, and I salute your bravery. Thanks for the sexy, woody-inducing show!—Anonymous