Drunks: I own a bar in Portland. Please realize that we only cut you off because we want you to drink another day. When you come in, drunk off your ass, holding up your girlfriend, WE WILL NOT SERVE YOU! It's not because we are snooty, it's because you are drunk! Flipping off my bartenders just proves this! Know where you live! The OLCC rides my ass, and we are responsible for you! I'm not a corporate bar! I'm a local owner trying to make sure that you have a good time when you show up. And furthermore, if you have to get her that drunk to get laid, SHE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU! The bar industry should not be "daycare for adults." Know your limit, and stop calling us shitty people. You're a fucking grownup. Realize that we are only looking out for you when you've CLEARLY had a few too many. We're on your side, so be on ours and stop it. You're making us feel bad for looking after you.—Anonymous