Boo hoo hoo, poor Pearl District pussies, crying because the freight trains are sounding their horns in the middle of the night and (sob) disturbing your night's rest. The Pearl District Neighborhood Association is collecting signatures for a petition to declare the area around the railroad tracks a "quiet zone." What next? Maybe the engineers should be required to wear a big yellow star on their uniform? Move your trendy, pansy asses back to suburbia where you belong and we'll have a good start on a "quiet zone." I live off NE Lombard across from the tracks and the sound of train whistles is a lot more restful than the sound of you trendy bastards blabbering on cell phones while you hog the sidewalk or stand in the middle of the bus, blocking the aisle because you're scared to sit in the back. Get used to the train noise already. And eat a sandwich while you're at it, you skinny assholes.—Anonymous