Tweakers: Advil Cold & Sinus is great. At first having all my personal information logged every time I had a cold was just an inconvenience, but now you need a prescription to receive this pill. Why? So you fucking losers can stay up for weeks turning your lawnmower into a monster truck? What is your deal? I did meth a little in college and that was enough for me to realize that it wasn't a good idea. Do you not see what it does to you? It makes you ugly. It makes you chew your face off. It makes you act the fool in public, and it makes most normal folk not want to be anywhere near you. It makes me sick when I look at you and your abundance of scabs. You fucks act like fucking squirrels. Your drug of choice is a fucking joke. You are a fucking joke. I can hardly type right now because the Rite Aid brand has me all fucked up. I hate you. Your parents hate you. And just about everyone else who doesn't turn a profit from you hates you too.—Anonymous