To the person who called the city about my chickens in SE: YOU SUCK! What business of yours was it that my chickens were running free around the backyard? What kind of busybody too-much-time-on-your-hands asshat are you? Thanks to you, no more fresh eggs for me. What a joy it was to see these beautiful birds happy in the yard, giving my housemates and me delicious fresh eggs. You had to go and ruin this for us, for no good reason. Maybe you get satisfaction out of dicking your neighbors around. You're probably the same type of person who takes the ball away from kids if it rolls into your yard. You're probably the type who would complain about a fence being the "wrong" size, or a fruit tree dropping fruit into your yard. Whatever your supposed reason, know that you have succeeded in taking some measure of joy from a household. Fuck you, I hope you get salmonella poisoning and spend some long, painful time chained to your shitter! I also hope that your toilet breaks during this episode, you worthless fucktard.—Anonymous