Dog park users: Okay, we all go to dog parks for a similar reason—to let our dogs run around and be dogs, yes? But that doesn't mean checking your brain at the gate. Might I offer some suggestions? (1) Your kids. While delightful, your kids tend to incite a riot when screeching and running in circles. Some dogs herd, others inadvertently knock the wee ones over, others chase. (2) Pick up your dog's poo. It's not difficult. (3) Don't bring your un-neutered, hyper, aggressive dog to the park. This turns the park into some sort of crazy humping, neck-biting hell, and we flee. Your aggro dog's pinning my dog in the dirt while he cowers for his life and tries to avoid penetration is NOT playing. The line has been crossed, my dog's flipping out, and you're too busy chatting/sipping your latte/sitting in your lawnchair to care. And when I pull your dog off (Out? Eew.) of my dog, don't act like I'm crazy because they're "just playing." Animal nature, whatever—just watch your dog. Or next time I'm penetrating you with a dildo while you lean against the fence and sip your latte, I'll use that line.—Anonymous