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Guys... I'm Not So Bad!


Okay, I can understand not liking Sandra Bullock. I can grudgingly accept hating Aquaman. But DISLIKING PUGS?! You, sir, are a monster.
Sandra Bullock's Mustache should write next issues New Column.
Writers like you are the ones who make The Portland Mercury fun to read. Part of why you're so hilarious is that you don't censor your opinions. People need to understand that there's going to be some things they might disagree with when they read this newspaper. So when people bitch at you for taking shots at Sandra Bullock, who gives a fuck? They DON'T HAVE TO FUCKING READ IT.
A secondary tier friend told me yesterday that she watched the Academy Awards for the first time in years because she is a big Sandra Bullock fan. I kept waiting for the rest of the joke but SHE WAS SERIOUS. Ugh!