I'm a 25-year-old female striving to regain control of my lost life. I'm a meth addict, and for the last two years, I stole for drugs. I had many victims and now I have a guilty conscience. In the last seven months, I began the hike up the rough hill of sobriety and decent, moral living--but one of the few things that holds me back is my need to make amends. So, here I am, apologizing to all the people I robbed--for their car stereos, cell phones, pagers, cameras, checkbooks, and credit cards. I'm sorry for my contribution to the crime rate.

Since April of '98, I've spent about 17 months in jail. I did a lot of crime, I did a lot of time, and I still have to report to my parole officer for another two years and seven months.

People, you really need to get your mail everyday. If you go on vacation, arrange for someone to pick it up. I'm not the only one who made big money off your mail. Meth, crank, crystal, and mail go together--ask any cop on the street and they'll agree. Even your lock boxes are not safe from the likes of us tweakers.

Thank you for reading this, and I only hope you understand that it was not me who did these things. It was the addict who needed another fix. --Anonymous