Isis Leeor wears many hats: A counselor with experience and certifications in massage, energy work, Qigong, Core Energetics, hypnotherapy, and thought pattern management, among other practices, she also teaches Stripper 101, a class that's less trendy workout than sensual empowerment therapy. Oh, and she's a web designer too. Leeor's empire of activities resides under the umbrella of "Becoming Juicy," a catchall name that references her life's ambition to teach people of every gender and persuasion to embrace a healthy relationship to their sexual self. Whether teaching stripper moves to a broad cross section of society (the class culminates in a "recital" at Devil's Point), or how to orgasm without using your hands, Leeor's tutelage is like a cross between yoga, tantric sex, and affirmation exercise. And often, it involves truffles.

What types of people attend your classes? 

I've had an amazing range of women in class. I know this is cheesy as hell, but when you walk into class I see you as a truffle with legs. The question isn't if you are delicious. Of course you are freakin' delicious! Now I want you to taste your center.

You work with men, too. What's that like?

In Portland, or any place where there's an emphasis on evolving past the caveman paradigm, men are often asked to choose between their feelings and their genitals. I work on bringing the polarity back into relationships and showing men how to reunite the upper and lower halves of their body. Women really do want their inner killer. We love the parts of them that are alive and intensely present enough to hunt down our food, or in more modern times take us and fuck us open to god.

Besides classes, you offer therapy sessions. Describe your methods and the issues you help resolve.

Well, there's a point in most first counseling sessions with me where the person turns to me and says, "You want me to do what?" I've had people running around the room clucking like chickens, screaming profanities, and standing on top of chairs proclaiming how they were going to save the world. My experience is that talk therapy can only get you to a certain point. I aspire to work with the whole system. There is no one issue I work with. Someone may come in wanting to work with something specific... say being less sexually inhibited. But as the story unravels, it may or may not have anything to do with sexuality. Our wounds are not linear. They are more like constellations.