Teenagers are constant subjects of concern and vigilance, be it from parents, cops, teachers, or store owners. In order to gain respect as burgeoning adults, some study diligently, and demonstrate their trustworthiness in order to earn greater freedom from their elders. Others rebel, playing hooky in order to smoke weed and give handjobs. However, as different as these groups may be, they are united in their use of secret language or "slang," which both separates them from children and irritates the shit out of anyone trying to read quietly on the bus. Here is a short list of translations and definitions for words and phrases currently in vogue.


Breezy, Mud Duck (abbrev: Duck), Bucket Head, Pigeon: insulting mode of addressing a female; Bitch

Flock: group of bitches

Buster: insulting mode of addressing a male; Asshole

Cat, Cuz: insulting term for "Blood" gang member

Blood: insulting term for "Crip" gang member

Trick: male who is dominated, pimped, or whipped by a female

Smoke Meat (abbrev. Smoke): male equipped with small penis


"Damn, you got a fat ass!!"

Translation: "Wow, you have a really nice body."

[note: "fat" is not a misspelling of "phat," but a literal reference to that which is physically large]

"Did you get your shit waxed or what?"

Translation: "Did you engage in sexual activities or what?" Also: Buffed, Polished, Beat 'em down, Beat 'em up

"Check out that thick honey! Her cheechees are tig old biddies!"

Translation: "Look at that beautiful girl. Her breasts are large."

"Check out these roses I'm gonna get me some choppies tonight!"

Translation: "I'm bribing my girlfriend in order to receive oral sex." Also: Headleón


Marijuana: that bambizzle, doja, that chronic, the shit, sticky, some of that fire

A: "I had like, two beers and a spliff, and I was straight on one."

B: "Yeah, but after those 10 shots and an eighth of some of that fire, you were straight up off one."


A: "After a moderate intake of alcohol and marijuana, my consciousness felt altered."

B: "Yes, but after excessive use of these substances you were way too fucked up and belligerent."


noon o'clock

noon fifteen


mid-forty five


"I bought some new J's, and the next thing I knew, some clucks were stingin' em and beatin' it on the Seven Deuce!"

Translation: "I bought some new Air Jordan sneakers, and the next thing I knew, some crack heads stole them and escaped on the 72 bus!"

Hittin' licks: selling, getting, or taking something

Slangin': hustling

Luciano (abbrev. Luc): money

Beans: $100 bills