TO THE MERCURY—Just letting you know we're done with the Mercury. We will not be distributing it nor continuing to advertise. Putting ours, Herbivore's, and Scapegoat's ads right next to the lamb article ["Silencing the Lamb," Feature, Jan 4] was a nice touch in a growing line of "fuck yous" to the vegan community.

Chad/Food Fight

WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY RESPONDS: Though placing your ad next to Matt Davis' article wasn't intentional—why should it matter? I was always under the impression that Food Fight was as much about educating the public as selling vegan food—and when's a better time to share your views with our readers than now? Drop your ads—but for the sake of everyone else, write in, tell us we're dicks, and engage in some good ol' fashioned American discourse. As any regular reader of our paper already knows, we're more than willing to take our lumps. (Speaking of lumps... we're devoting our entire letters section to this issue—including some responses from our blog.)

DEAR MERCURY—You know it's great how Matt spent the whole article trying to figure out why he decided to kill a sheep and never actually got to the real reason—he's a dumb ass who can't think of anything interesting to write about so he has to do stuff like eat pig faces and kill animals you find in petting zoos.

Andrew Wolf

DEAR MERCURY—Your article on killing a lamb was the most disturbing thing I have ever read in a newspaper. What kind of monsters would promote this sort of thing?

Tim Williamson

DEAR MERCURY—After reading your featured article in this week's Mercury, I realized this publication isn't the sort that I prefer reading. So I gave a copy to my brother, who likes to shoot furry things in the woods for fun. He didn't care for it either.

Suzanne Mark

COMMENTING ON BLOG TOWN, PDX—What's so shocking about Matt and Marjorie's article is how shocking it seems to be. The US, as a mainly meat-eating society, has become so detached from our food that this is seen as a shocking and unknown act, when for most of our grandparents' generation this is how people procured their meat. In many parts of the world, this is still how it is done.

Posted by Cuisine Bonne Femme

COMMENTING ON BLOG TOWN, PDX—I grew up hunting; I worked as a cowboy and a hunting guide. I am now vegan. Killing is not that easy, and I agree you should have to kill it if you want to eat it. Getting dead flesh in a neat clean little package is so far removed from reality it makes it seem like it was made somewhere and not part of a living being.

Posted by Jim S

COMMENTING ON BLOG TOWN, PDX—Do I eat meat? Yep. Will I continue to do so? Yep. Is that article going to change my opinion one way or another? Not much—but I will say that it's going to make me consider where the meat came from a lot more than I ever cared to do previous to reading it—and in that sense, I'd almost say the piece is a WIN for vegans and an eye opener for the carnivores among us.

Posted by Beef Jerky

DEAR MERCURY EDITORS—Matt's big revelation after such a needlessly cruel act concerned "how fragile his own life is." Compared to Sammy, Davis seems pretty well off. It's not like there's some bourgeoning group out there who believes it's within their spiritual right to teach others how to stalk and kill hack journalists.

Cynthia Britton

[Don't be so sure, Cynthia—see below.—Eds.]


XVEGANXER... CONGRATULATIONS TO XVEGANX for writing the letter of the week! While XVEGANX's letter arrived in an unmarked envelope, making it hard to get a hold of XVEGANX, we'd still like to give XVEGANX a prize. Therefore, we are sending Matt Davis to Food Fight vegan grocery store to buy $100's worth of vegan food, which he will subsist on for one week. Follow Matt's progress as a vegan for a week and join the fray at portlandmercury.com/blogtown.