TO THE EDITOR: I was disturbed by a scathing review of the local band Fontanelle [CD Review, Ted Thieman, June 22]. Not that I'm a particularly big fan, but in the eyes of this music supporter, such a review does little but harm. In order to have a truly inspired local scene, musicians, artists, and innovators need encouragement or perhaps some helpful criticism, but never the rude attitude exhibited in Ted Theiman's review. I suggest readers take a listen to the Fontanelle record and figure it out for themselves.



TO THE EDITOR: As a failed writer and musician, I was outraged at the very idea of music critics being critical [Letters to the Editor, Elbo Finn, June 15]! What kind of newspaper is this anyway? Opinion really does not have a steady place in this world and for you to propagate such an ideal is absurd. My advice to Miss Shepherd is to pursue her life long dream of being a graceful dominatrix and leave the dime school colloquialisms to the heartless. Just Another FAILURE



DEAR MERCURY: I give up--you win. I'll just roll over like a fat, sated puppy and admit it: Portland Mercury simply rocks. The first issue was brilliant, and each successive one has out-paced the last. Thank you for once again providing Dan Savage a local platform. Thank you for managing to annoy just about every person I know (myself included) in just about every issue. Thank you for bringing a sweet edginess to my week. Keep Phil Busse at the news desk, bring Mary Martone back regularly (I'd marry her myself, if my boyfriend would let me), and you'll keep me as a loyal fan.
Joel Corcoran


DEAR ANN ROMANO: Were you actually at the Pride Parade [One Day at a Time, June 22]? Maybe you didn't notice the hundreds of Christians marching (we were just before the boring AT&T group). Not all Christians represent the right wing OCA types. Labeling those folks as "the Christians" is like labeling all-less-than-observant-journalists as "the journalists." Hopefully we're all a little better than our least common denominator. By the way, you're welcome to visit our church any time. You might be glad to note that on Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 6:30 pm we're holding an interfaith service to express opposition to the OCA ballot measure. Lots of "the Christians" will be there along with Jews, Unitarians and other people of faith.


TO D.K. HOLM: Thank you for calling a spade a spade ["Isn't It Ironic?" June 22]. Profile Theater Company's latest production is just another example of bad theater from a well-funded bully. They've been resting on the laurels of a single terrific show (Wings) and have outlived their artistic usefulness. This season and last were dead on arrival. Sadly, no one has taken their clumsy efforts to task. It is only Profile's ambitions that keep them around, not their art. Witness their hijacking of Stark Raving's home. A tactic worthy of scorn.
Phillip Theodore Hans


TO CRAIG ROSEBRAUGH ["Held in Contempt" June 22]: I don't necessarily share your views about political activism, yet I still respect what you do. Any individual who goes toe to toe with a system that would rather make you miserable for the rest of your life instead of having you simply assassinated, has got big balls. Don't become a martyr. Don't become a political slogan on a bumper sticker. A person who becomes a martyr becomes weak or dead. They'll take away your ability to create change. Remember, nobody on a bumper sticker gets out of jail in America. HIDE NOW.

After becoming a celebrity, people will lose sight of your ideals, and see only your face. You will become a T-shirt trend. I guess that's just my opinion. I wouldn't want to go out like that, not when I could go to prison forever (which you probably will), for executing something truly spectacular!

P.S. I thought Fight Club was a great movie. Did you like it?