TO THE MERCURY: For all the negative response you have received/will receive regarding your coverage of the terrorist attacks on the US, here is one more to add to the positive stack. The WTC cover alone [Sept. 13, by Sean Tejaratchi] shows independent (and FREE) journalism at its finest; giving coverage of a mass media event and not following in their same muddy footsteps.

The articles in the past two issues have provided a much-needed view of what we need right now. With the many blind, jingoistic flag wavers that have come out of the woodwork, jeopardizing even their own civil liberties, it is good to see our new patriots emerge. Those who, in spite of such tragedy, are not afraid to question the way things are and attempt to make things a little better for everyone.

Patriotism is about being heard and wanting the best for our fellow inhabitants, in the least oppressed, most free, not always the best decision making place on earth (and the only place where you guys at the Mercury could get away with all the shit you do)! Oh, and if Osama bin Laden is captured alive, I find it only fitting that Soiled Mattress Down By the River be granted the first interview! Keep up the good work.

J.Valdeez Albondigas


DEAREST DARLING MERCURY: Oh shut the fuck up with your simpering widdle "our government is naughty, too," predictable, "alternativey" snot-nosed political posturing. Go have a nice muffin there on Northwest 23rd, you radical dissidents, you.

I have but one thing to say about the terrorist attacks: Oh Osama bin LA-den! Come out to PLAYeeYAAAY!

Hanky Stevens


TO THE EDITOR: Hats off to Katia Dunn, who, just when we'd turned into heartless zombies, stepped in to instruct us on the proper way to express grief. ["A Threat of Silence," Sept. 27].

I teach at a language program on the University of Portland campus. It's the same campus Dunn declares is functioning, "without any overt signs of tragedy," since the murder of student Catherine Johnson, last May. Though her article begins as an examination of the administration's handling of publicity surrounding the case, it's ultimately a complaint by Dunn that the University community is not adequately expressing its grief. She offers up a critique of the campus-wide memorial service held for Johnson, reporting that a few students cried to the tune of "deadpan" reverends reading Psalms, and that the University's "lack of emotion at the memorial is perhaps the most disturbing part of the entire incident."

Currently, there is plenty of sorrow around--every night, news anchors serve up the latest terrible images of people suffering. In this climate, it might be difficult for some to understand a quieter, more private kind of grief. One off-camera. Dunn invited herself to a memorial service and then had the gall to critique it in an article. Perhaps a better career for her might be as a funeral critic.

L. Moulton


TO THE MERCURY: Recently, I left town for two weeks and didn't get a chance to read the Mercury. Imagine my horror when I found, upon my return, that somehow the fine comic strip "Dwarf Attack" was missing from the back page. I don't know what happened, but please get it back, as it is a light in my otherwise lackluster existence. Also, who are those clowns driving around trying to give away speakers which they "found"? I have three friends who were asked, and have been asked myself, twice. Thieves or modern day good Samaritans?

Joel H.


HEY EVERYBODY! Don't forget, we'd love to see you all this Friday night, at the Mercury's Homecoming Dance for Portland! After getting all duded up in your best high school finery, you can check out hot and slutty cheerleaders, disturbing mascots, Portland's new Homecoming King and Queen, and dance your fine asses off to the tunes of DJ Glee Club (aka The Incredible Kid). He'll be spinning an entire evening of old school/high school rump-shaking favorites, including Michael Jackson, Klymaxx, and every 12-inch Destiny's Child remix in existence. So come on down to Conan's Pub, on 39th and Hawthorne, at 9 pm on Friday, October 5th. It's only five bucks--which is a small price to pay considering all the trauma you experienced in high school. And by the way SENIORS RULE!!