DEAR EDITOR: Regarding measure 26-30 ["The Outsider," Feature, April 4, i.e. "The Good Government Initiative"]: I'm puzzled as to why the opposition no longer believes in a grassroots effort, considering they used to campaign that way. Apparently time and influence changes people, especially those in power.

I pose the following questions to Portlanders living in the NE, SE, or East part of town: Do you feel you are represented at City Hall? Can you walk to a neighborhood district and voice neighborhood concerns? The answer is no! The opposition appears to make the case that Portland is fine the way it is. Guess that means the exclusion of over 80% of the citywide populace who have numerous concerns and no real representatives to hear them.

Also, there are no checks and balances in a system where you vote on your own departmental budget. Good grief, if businesses were run that way, our unemployment would double.

Measure 26-30 ensures that Portland stays in step with the times and local representatives, with the best interests of keeping it the most "livable" city. Fact is that it won't be livable for long if inefficiency and poor representation continues.

James A. Cope


TO WM.™ STEVEN HUMPHREY: Who the fuck said Spike's likabilty has gone down, ass wipe? ["I Love Television™, April 25, in which Mr. Humphrey asserts that Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike has become less popular after he "boned Buffy in the alley behind the burger joint."] Even producer Marti Noxon says his popularity has pretty much risen twenty-fold this season. Don't say shit like it's fact. And damn, I wouldn't want to be your girlfriend if you think any position besides missionary is yucky. What are you, freakin' five?

Those sex scenes between him and Buffy are erotic. Thank God, they didn't turn them into some sappy melodramatic couple, like they always do on television (yawn). They added spice to what is mostly dominated by vanilla on network television. Women may say they want roses and champagne, but that's not what they really fantasize about. Some of us yearn to be like Buffy and Spike, and get it on from behind in a club, or a wall in an alley, to use handcuffs and ice cubes, to rip each other's clothes off and have so much wild sex that they leave bruises and bites behind, and are so sore they are unable to move.

Spike may be a creep, but at least he's a hottie--those blue eyes and cheekbones (drool), and he's got a great body to boot. So I don't know where you got your info, but you are so motherfucking wrong, it ain't even funny. Peace out.



TO THE EDITOR: This goes out to the pussy that hit someone's Honda and kept driving ("I, Anonymous," April 11]. I've had not one, but TWO inconsiderate bastards hit my car in the last two months. Neither left a note or bothered to take even the slightest amount of responsibility for their actions. Screw that "I'm poor and can't afford anything" bullshit. That's what insurance is for, you dumb-ass. I'm also below middle class and just trying to get by, yet assholes like you caused my Honda to look like a bumper car. Plus you make my insurance rates go up, and we won't even talk about the repair costs, which I haven't paid because I too am POOR. Your karma is fucked. Ride a bike.

About to go Mad Max on y'ass


HI EDITOR: Regarding the story about the woman who lost her fingers [One Day at a Time, April 18, in which a Eugene woman had the tips of her fingers amputated by a dog's leash]. If you read the leash package, you'd know there are plenty of warnings against the way she was using that leash. She admitted on the news she was not holding it correctly. You don't even have to read the warnings, just look at the pictures.

Our government shouldn't regulate everything because you are too lazy and irresponsible to follow simple warnings and instructions. This woman and others like her need to accept the fact they have some personal accountability. She didn't use the product properly. So sorry. Get over it people. Stop pointing the stub at someone else when it was your stupidity that caused it.


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