TO THE MERCURY: Concerning the article "The Wheels of Injustice," by Bill Lascher ["On My Soapbox," August 22, in which Bill gets abused by the police while photographing an event]. It's obvious you are white. (Don't take this wrong, my father is too.) I mentioned this because people of European ancestry get totally whacked when the poh-lice abuse their authority over them.

My lady friend and I are of mixed race. We had talked about joining your group that day. We are both avid bicyclists and photographers. However, we decided it would be kind of neat to go and get maced instead (during the President's visit).

The hierarchy in Washington D.C. doesn't give a shit about the common man and less about "people of color." I feel your pain. But the slogan "To Protect and Serve" never applied to us.

Sorry for your injuries. Feel fortunate your head was not bashed in, for the "others" would have claimed this happened when you fell off your bike. No matter how many witnesses you had (35), their word wouldn't have meant squat.

Mr. Henry Elton Walker


TO ANN ROMANO: Your opinion of L'Effroyable Imposture belies your understanding of history ["One Day at a Time," August 29, in which Ann pooh-poohs Thierry Meyssan's conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks]. Have you even looked at pictures of the Pentagon? You're telling us a plane crashed there? Please! Who do you work for? What do Americans have over the French except heart disease and a weight problem? No War in Iraq!

Voices in the SE Wilderness

TO ANN ROMANO: We know that you surf the web, religiously trolling for juicy tidbits, so how about checking out or before dismissing the idea that our government might not have been so "surprised" about 9/11. Thierry Meyssan may not have all the facts straight, but at least he's asking some pointed questions that have been, shall we say, omitted from most U.S. press. Ann, how do you know the government had nothing to do with 9/11--did the CIA brief you?

I Am Not a Terrorist


HEY, YOU CREED-LOVING ASS: ["Laser Creed," Ezra Ace Caraeff, August 29] That Jesus band of yours has all the talent of a ripe cantaloupe, with or without the fucking lasers. OMIGOD! You are an ass!

Vincent Cusco


TO THE EDITOR: In response to Marc Abram's letter to the editor in the August 29 issue [in which the writer accuses Ann Romano of using Nazi tactics in her goal to "eradicate" hippies]: Are you kidding me? Do you really believe that the Mercury has a plot to get rid of hippies? I sincerely doubt that Ann Romano is Adolf Hitler in disguise, just as I am sure that people can take jokes too far sometimes. Who do you think the Mercury would get to carry out the plan, anyway? Vera Katz? And by the way, get over the idea that hippies are the only ones smoking pot, requiring "pot leaves on hippie doors." The idea of putting a pot leaf on the door, as if it were a Star of David, is just way too asinine to comprehend.


TO THE HIPPIE LOVER: C'mon... really. The word "hippie" doesn't refer to any specific sex, race, or nationality. So, don't sweat it. It's OK to hate hippies. Anybody who's not a hippie HATES HIPPIES, right? I mean, the only thing that makes hippies even the least bit tolerable is the ability to harbor some guilt-free hatred towards them. Blame 'em for everything and see how great you feel! Just think of the word "hippie" as an adjective, like "asshole," "motherfucker" or "dirty fucking hippie"... WHOOPS!! See how easy it is to make the transition? We can all get along if we can just all agree that hippies are to blame for the world's problems. Peace.


TO MARK ABRAM: You know who I'd like to "eradicate?" People without a fucking sense of humor. News flash: Living in a supposed FREE SOCIETY, we have the right to talk and write about our "hatred" of anyone we damn well please. Personally (maybe it's my German ancestry), I find it funny as hell. And if you want to start throwing around terms like "Nazi tactics," remember what they were REALLY used for--making a morality code for speech and print!

Amie Rautmann

CONGRATS TO AMIE for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week" and two free passes to the Laurelhurst Theater. Accusing someone of "Nazi tactics"? Accuse them here, and you could be our next winner!