TO THE EDITOR: Why you gotta give grief to Jim Francesconi ["Unzip Francesconi's Lip Contest," Feb 27]. I've known Jim for twenty-eight years, personally and as a Portlander, and I'm telling you: we are fortunate to have him in office.

Jim has kicked ass so Portland can and will. His dedication is fierce and his resolve is righteous. Dude is serious smart, too. Besides helping to save the basketball court on Mt. Tabor and being a good dancer, he's an effective council member and activist.

Francesconi is right to pacify your demanding writer-in-heat with platitudes. The Mercury is not a suitable political forum. Your "reporting" is often malicious, ridiculous, masked in innuendo, and so base in subject matter as to remove itself from any viable realm of civic politics or discussion thereof. See, as a journalistic entity, Francesconi can't take you seriously. Nor can I. Nor can your readers. (Cue epiphany) THAT'S WHY WE LOVE YOU! You are The Fool, and we need you, Fool. So let Jim do his job and go after some real bad guys, dumbass!

Miguel de Irvington


TO THE MERCURY: [RE: Letters, "Impeach Hussein, Not Bush!" March 6, in which G.R. says protesters are "protesting to keep a regime in power that does not allow protest."] Let's look at it another way; reverse the roles. You are in an America ruled by a dictator (What a stretch, huh?). The superpower Iraq is going to take out this dictator regardless of what actions your country takes to comply with UN demands. You, the innocent in Portland, are bombed relentlessly, you watch thousands die, the suffering is unending. You are used to death; medicine and food have been sanctioned from being shipped to your country for years. Who is going to rebuild the country? Not your attackers.

Peaceniks don't want to forget the atrocities in Iraq; they also don't want to alienate the world and increase anti-American attitudes.

Ed Reed


TO THE EDITOR: After the Locust show, I think it's become apparent that this "Dance Club" is a horrible fucking idea. ["Dance Club: The International Phenomenon," Feb 27, in which a group of girls dress up like Frenchmen, go to a hardcore show, booty dance, and yell "Dance Club!" at the end of every song.] Not only were these people incredibly annoying and lame, but the whole damn place was cheering for them like THEY were the band. They caused such a scene that the band played for, like, twenty-five minutes. They've ruined live music as we know it, and I will forever dread going to a show for fear of these horribly dressed bad dancers. If anyone sees these bastards at a show, kick them in the shins!!



TO THE EDITOR: "Dance Club" is bullshit. I think that any sort of club claiming "dance" needs at least two qualities:

a.) To be able to dance.

b.) To look good.

As I noticed at the Locust show, they had none of this. Sorry "Dance Club," but some people just want to watch a show, not watch you and your shitty fat ass booty shaking. Some people like to stand still. However, some of you pushed people around and tried to get them to dance. You smelled like shit and really pissed some people off.

Maybe we, the observers, just think your club is too cool for us to join. But maybe you're just too obnoxious and trying way too hard to make some sort of name for yourselves.



TO THE EDITOR: I read about "Dance Club" in the Mercury and think it's a good idea. Dancing is great; Portlanders are great. There should be harmony there. Maybe more people will express themselves physically to musical accompaniment. What isn't a good idea, however, is shrieking about it after every song. Why taint a beautiful thing like music and dancing by yelling "Dance Club!" after every song?

Instead maybe they can make a T-shirt or something. That way everyone can see "Dance Club's" presence and not have to hear about it. Because if I'm gonna rock my booty with ya'll--and I want to--ya'll are gonna have to chill with the unnecessary screaming.


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