DEAR SIR: In your paper of March 13, there was an article about seniors at Roosevelt High School ["High School Seniors Volunteer to 'Handle' North Korean Crisis"]. Needless to say the article did not represent Roosevelt High School nor our students.

We were told that the article was satire, in the future please use non-existing places and events when you write. In our view, the article was in very poor taste about a school that is trying very hard to better its image to the public.

Andy Kelly, Principal, Roosevelt High School


GUTEN TAG: I picked up your paper today, with that big photograph of the cloned robot man on the cover with the Picasso eyes and HIS CHEST RIPPED OFF, SHOWING HIS INTERNAL ORGANS [RE: Letters, "Terrorism is Not Funny!" April 24]. You know, there are so many morons in the world that think they have to try and reproduce the human genome, and then flay a living clone before our very eyes, so I thought "My god, what's happening?" But then, after I took the paper home, I find out it's all a big joke, it wasn't a photograph at all, but an illustration--oh ha-ha-ha-ha! Well it's not funny when you do this people. You are part of the outer space cloning cults! You contribute to them! Bon Voyage.



TO THE EDITOR: I wanted to personally thank you guys at the Mercury for making "The Resurrection of Local Hip-hop" a huge success [Music, "Hiphop Lives!" April 24]. You have once again shown your support of and in hiphop, as well as the general community of Portland. The first installment to making Portland's hiphop and cultural scene better unified was stunning in its showing. You guys should be proud of yourselves for taking the chance and having the love to support this event, and I just wanted to thank you guys. Peace and be positive.



TO THE MERCURY: I realize the Mercury staff is made up mostly of hippie hatin', black sweater wearin', Pabst drinkin, emo/indie rock listenin' hipsters. However, when writing music reviews for shows outside this genre, the lack of knowledge and information is immeasurable.

Perhaps maybe you could refrain from assigning hiphop reviews to individuals (i.e. Justin Sanders) who critique a group based on their name and obviously have no knowledge of the music [The Cuf, "Up & Coming," April 24].

Portland's hiphop scene is very dry, and we rarely get out of town talent. Last weeks paper gave rave reviews to Atmosphere, the Meow Meow hiphop event, and Cool Nutz. Thank you, but Cool Nutz is overrated, and Atmosphere thinks he's a goddamn superstar.

If you don't what you're talking about, don't talk about it at all. Or hire someone who knows and will do the proper research. Just so you know when getting something "on the cuf" you are receiving something UP FRONT. Justin Sanders should come out of the closet and stick that review where we know he wants it.



DEAR EDITOR: I'm a graphic designer, and recently designed the fliers for the event listed [The Cuf, "Up & Coming," April 24]. After reading this "review" I think I'm beginning to understand where some of your staff stands on hiphop.

Being a friend of the Cuf, Mic, Declaime, and even Jammotron I feel somewhat insulted by this review. DO YOU INTEND ON MAKING FUN OF ALL THE MUSIC YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR JUST THE NEGROS?????

Maybe if Justin had even HEARD a Cuf song he might have had something positive to say about a pretty cool show at the Ohm. It's not like one opinion really changes anything but--if I am going to have anything to do with ads thru your magazine, I would like to know if its worth advertising in. If Justin is doing reviews like this one I WILL QUIT DESIGNING ANYTHING THAT IS MEANT FOR YOUR MAGAZINE. If this results in me becoming unemployed, then so be it.

My boss asked me NOT to send this because it does not necessarily reflect his opinions or those of anyone else here. I told him I am very serious about not designing ads meant for your magazine unless a satisfactory explanation or apology was issued.

Kiva Bitar

CONGRATS TO KIVA for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week!" While we refuse to apologize for any of our opinions, we gotta respect a man who would risk losing his job over little ol' us. Therefore Kiva wins two passes to the Laurelhurst Theater and tickets to the Blood Brothers show at the Meow Meow!