DEAR EDITOR: Though BWO is partially incorrect (when could your leftist views ever be called "fascist"??) at least he is correct about terrorism ["Letters," August 7, in which BWO accuses the Mercury of being limp-wristed Commie liberals]. The Clintonistas wouldn't have been willing to do anything about 9/11 (except go to the funerals and make the appropriate noises). Though Bush may be overcompensating, at least attacks haven't occurred again.

To prove you "leftist chickenshits" have "balls," why not get together a "posse," go get Saddam Hussein, and claim a cool $25 million for Uncle Sam? At least you would make yourselves useful, instead of propagating absolute ideologies such as Marxism or revering that faggot "Bishop" Robinson.

Fan of BWO


TO JULIANNE SHEPHERD: Okay. I don't mean to be rude, but your review of the Black Peppercorns SUCKED [Music, July 31, about a punk twosome made up of nine-year-olds]. I can only hope you were being sarcastic or humoring two kids who built all their publicity off being too fucking adorable, because if neither of these are the case, I have to conclude your taste in music is just TOO BLOODY FUCKING DREADFUL for words to describe. Cuteness does not equal musical talent. If you're cute but can't play the motherfucking guitar, become a fucking circus freak, why don't ya?? The Black Peppercorns are just two cutesy girls who could only make an album because their mom is too double-fucking rich and too deaf to hear that HER KIDS CAN'T PLAY. Next time give the space in your paper to someone who has built a career off of talent and creativity, not cuteness and rich parents.



TO THE MERCURY: Attention Stefan, and other video game players ["Letters," August 7, in which Stefan accuses the Mercury of badmouthing DDR players]. So you're not pimply faced, and you've been laid? Good for you. I'd give you a medal, but I left them in my other pants. I've been playing video games since I was eight. I own every major console from the NES on up. I listen to video game music and game remixes in my spare time. I own a Soda Popinski T-shirt. Odds are I'm a bigger dork than you are. And I've been laid. But you must also not forget that harmless stereotypes are often based in some form of truth.

I'm willing to bet $10 that you've only seen two vaginas in your life: that slide in sex-ed class and the one you came out of. Prove me wrong, and I will personally use that $10 to buy you a book on simple grammar rules.

Before I go, here's a fun fact for you! The letter "u" does not equal "you." Just as "4" does not equal "for," and "8" is a number, not a syllable for any word in the English language.

Virgilio Ramon de la Cruz


TO THE MERCURY: I just read your article on paper cups and have to disagree on several counts ["The Coming Cup-tastrophe," August 7].

You're right--paper is not a great thing to be using for disposable cups. But when you suggest replacing a paper cup with a commuter mug, you do not distinguish among the different options. A ceramic cup must be used at least 3,000 times in order to "make up the difference" in energy required to create that object out of cold clay and additives. That's once a day for 10 years. While we don't know how long the average Starbucks stays in business, that's a long time to hang your hat on a ceramic mug.

Many commuter mugs are not ceramic--they're made from milled steel or another alloy, combined with plastic for handles, lids, etc. Overall, these are much better than ceramic.

However, at the end of the vessel's life, paper has a huge advantage. Simply put, you can recycle it. Nobody does, but it IS possible. Glazed ceramic cannot be re-melted like glass. Plastic/metal constructions cannot be economically separated for reuse. And plasticized disposable cups cannot be recycled at all.

W. Pott


DEAR EDITOR: I discovered your paper only recently. Nice! Very nice. It is bland, and yet somehow average. Keep up the work.

Jerry Richards

It sounds to us like Jerry needs a little push to make the Mercury his favorite newspaper and that's why we're awarding him the Mercury "Letter of the Week!" Jerry, we hope you enjoy receiving two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, a free pass to our Summer Movie Megathon, as well as tix to see Northern State at Nocturnal on August 23. If we can't earn your love, then by God we'll buy it!