DEAR PHIL: Responding to your article ["Get Off My Sidewalk," Oct 2], allow me to say that this incident has nothing to do with the homeless. It has to do with an individual who decided to stay on the sidewalk in front of my business and protest the city's ordinances. As far as I'm concerned, it could have been any issue protested, for example animal cruelty or the Iraq war.

Here is the REAL scoop: Mike D. was littering the sidewalk with his flyers. When people did not accept his flyers, he would throw them in their face. HE WAS TOLD POLITELY SEVERAL TIMES to move across the street, to which he responded, and I quote, "This is a public sidewalk and you better have a good attorney!" Security walked towards him and he would scream, "Don't touch me!" Security did not push or harass him. Mike D. walked across the street and called the police, the ambulance, and the fire department! What a waste of community resources!

Greek Cusina security and staff do care for our city's homeless and this is why we support homeless organizations. But to all people that want to challenge our businesses with their constitutional rights by camping on our sidewalkÉ MOVE ON! If anything, anybody born as an American is born with many privileges and opportunities. If only they knew what it was like in other countries then they would know how good they have it.

My deeds speak on my behalf. Five years ago I hired someone from a transition project as a part-time janitor. Today, due to his good work and effort, he is the head of maintenance in my building. My question to you isÉ What have you done lately for the homeless? And my question to themÉ What have they done lately for themselves?

Ted Papas, Owner of Greek Cusina


DEAR "PIPA": I am downtown every day, and I'm never scared of the police. Then again, I'm downtown everyday to work--at my job. If I were downtown with 30 other people marching around and chanting "Fuck Police Brutality!" well, then I might have reason for concern ["Looking for Officer Friendly," Oct 30].

Put Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ, or Mohandas Ghandi in charge of the PPD, and the cries of police brutality will not cease. Personally, and I'm probably a huge asshole for thinking this, I find it more offensive to scream obscenities than to shop at Nordstrom. Come to think of it: no, I'm not a huge asshole; I'm a peaceful, employed citizen who's just tired of listening to people bitch for the sake of bitching.



TO THE MERCURY: The only bad juju at Daddy Mojo's came in on the shoe of your half-baked restaurant reviewer, Joe Kelly ["Bad Juju," Oct 23]. My southern mama would be proud to claim their good cooking. The service is great, the portions are generous and the prices are affordable. The owner, Jay Irwin, and his employees are as warm and welcoming as a heaping platter of hot biscuits and gravy.

Joe Kelly doesn't have the good sense that God gave a goat. He sits out on Fremont in traffic and is surprised by the cars, and the only soul he'd recognize is on the bottom of his shoe.

Vicki Kolberg


DEAR MERCURY: The only thing worse than a wiseass who has to write a publication (get a life, Mr. Holcomb!) to correct a writer on their "history homework" is someone like me who is horribly compelled to write and correct the already referenced wiseass who had to reveal his or her own stupidity to the entire freaking region. ["Letters," Oct 30] Since I was a history major and a complete Tudor nerd/freak, I am taking time from my oh-so-busy schedule to tell you that Mary, Queen of Scots was not "Bloody Mary," it was Mary I (England) for God's sake. Mary, Queen of Scots was a Roman Catholic, but was actually quite tolerant towards Protestants before she fucked up royally, had to flee to England and be Elizabeth I's "house guest" for 19 years before the latter whacked her head off. Mary I ruled England from 1553 to 1558 and yes, her policy towards Protestants was pretty nasty. So take that, M. Holcomb! Get on the freaking internet yourself!

P. Copperstone

CONGRATS TO P. COPPERSTONE for winning the Mercury Letter of the Week! Master P wins two tix to the Laurelhurst as well as a pair of passes to see Girlz Garage at the Meow Meow on November 11, as well as a pass for a heated yoga class at Yoga Union! See? That college education was good for something after all.