TO PHIL BUSSE: Thank you for covering the Kucinich/ABC story like an ACTUAL JOURNALIST, Mr. Busse ["This Will Not be Televised," Dec 18]. It needed to be said--and still does, loudly and repeatedly--that news shows and papers are for reporting news, not inventing it. Personal bias is showing up more and more in the big news outlets, and it disturbs me greatly that the media thinks we are incapable of forming our own opinions.

I suppose, by now, that you've heard yourself referred to as a long shot for the mayoral campaign--which would mean you and Mr. Kucinich have something in common (besides my vote!)

Mrs. DiNatale


TO THE MERCURY: Thanks M. William Helfrich, for your article "Jesus is a Punk Rocker" [Feature, Dec 18]. I am a Christian, and know firsthand how 90% of Christians are self-righteous, judgmental hypocrites. Thanks for spotlighting the other 10% that actually love people no matter who they are, what they do, or where they're at. That's what following Christ is all about. It's not about selling everyone some self-serving doctrine or policing the world's morals. It's just about the love.

And kudos to the Mercury for printing this. Now my Bible-thumping friends might think twice before telling me I'm going to hell for reading your paper.



TO THE MERCURY: This is directed towards that bigoted bastard who wrote about the "drunken Native Americans" [Letters, Dec 18]. You claim to be diverse and open-minded? You sound like a fucking piece of shit racist. It sounds to me like you'd be okay if a white person was in the same position panhandling money off your ass. Funny, the majority of homeless drunk bums I see are fucking white. HmmÉ I wonder where these so-called drunken Native Americans would be if your ancestors never showed up on this continent. If you're so open-minded and diverse, why not hate all bums and not just the dark skinned ones? Don't fence your hate in, you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT HYPOCRITE!!



TO THE EDITOR VIA VOICEMAIL: "Hi, I like your paper, but I had a bit of a problem with the latest issue with the column entitled "Hanukkah is Fucked" [Jerry Masterson, Dec 18] and the ad showing the old Jewish man and the tattoos [Page 13]. Anyway, I found these a bit offensive and I think journalistically it's probably best to stay away from poking fun at religion or anything that can even be interpreted as poking fun at religion. I'm sure it wasn't meant to be offensive, but you know, just as one of your average readers, it did offend me. Okay, for what it's worth, I like your paper, and keep up the good work. Bye for now."


DEAR P'TOWN MERC: I really wanna thank you for saving my miserable fuckin' life. I was just sittin' there, giggling gleefully at your weekly spew, when a little voice inside my left ear demanded that I venture forth and seek the world outside. So on your recommendation I dragged my sorry, two-bit ass down the street to the Twilight Café and witnessed the most beautiful thing I've seen in 20 tormented, luckless years-- The Spits! A truly fine punk show!

Just like days of yore--a moshpit of love. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody has a good time. Somebody falls and there's five pairs of arms and hands to assist the fallen back into the fray. My point is that The Spits are the Real Thing! Not a tribute band, but a continuation of musical anarchy--the cacophony that reigned in my world when I think I had a brain. And tonight at the Twilight, on my back on the dance floor, staring at the ceiling for a hapless second, a tear came to my one good eye. I felt alive again for the first time since the six-month crystal meth run of 1983.

Except for the summer of 1997, when I actually got laid by my lab instructor working on her doctorate at Sonoma State. We did the forbidden dance of love over and over for months on the lab table between the microscopes and the zebrafish embryos. It was great! But I digress. Thank you Portland Mercury and The Spits for giving me a reason to live. Now can I get tickets to another show?


CONGRATULATIONS TO MUTANT56 who wins the Mercury "Letter of the Week!" Mutant, your cheery holiday transformation warmed our cockles, and therefore we happily present you with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, as well as a couple of passes to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at Nocturnal on January 22. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Tyler Moore!