DEAR EDITOR: I'm somewhat baffled that you printed open bigotry in a recent "letters" column [Dec 18]. The anonymous (of course) writer singled out "Native Americans and their skanky lowlife associates" in nothing more than a deranged rant. Its relevance to anything the Portland Mercury might have covered escaped me. Why would you lend the bullhorn to someone who openly espouses racism (and little else)? I was always under the impression that this section of the paper was reserved for comments and criticisms the editor deemed most relevant for the readership, either in seriousness or in jest. Vegetable wars and cocaine dialing had me chuckling, but the hate mongering that went with it left a bad taste in my mouth.

You're better than that, and so are we, your readership.

Jonathan Gordon


TO THE MERCURY: After reading Phil Busse's article dissing Vera Katz for her lack of funding local artists ["Local Artists: Worth $750 Each" Dec 25], I was taken aback. Phil, you really oughta shut the fuck up, considering that many struggling, upcoming Artists who are reviewed by your paper (including my old band The Warstars) are constantly panned!

The only shot many struggling Portland artists have at local recognition is a review in your paper, and you diss on so many of us who are doing our best wherever we can. Truthfully, none of us local musicians give a fuck about your opinion on Vera Katz's lack of fundingÉ Seeing as how you and your clan of pierced, tattooed, chainsmoking, cynical asshole writers fuck things up for anyone you can.

Not to mention writing articles about Compact Discs submitted for review, and you writing about the disc as if it was a show you went and saw. You lying piece of crap. It also shows what kind of idiot you are by comparing me to Michael Irving and football [This review was published so long ago, we're unable to find the issue in which it originally ran. It sounds like something Phil would say, though. --ed]. ChristÉ You really watch that crap? I feel sorry for you.

So go ahead and send me a nasty letter if you like. I'll be sure to post it everywhere I can, including your favorite local band, Cootie Platoon's website. At least they liked our music when we were still together. And seeing as how we gave away hundreds of CDs for free to a ton of Portland fans over a four-year period, I'm also sure others appreciated our efforts too.

Never having wrote you and told your stupid ass how I feel, it's a relief to get this all off my chest. The rest of my band despise you and your poor excuse for a newspaper, too. So as I've said to everyone I know in the past three years since you dissed my band, and I know I speak for all of the artists you've dissed when I say: "Fuck the Mercury!"

And to quote Mark Arm, "You stupid asshole."



TO THE EDITOR: In your "Letters to the Editor" section of December 11, a petty and uneducated reader attempted to lambaste Justin Sanders for his story about pet stores ["How Exploited is that Doggy in the Window," Dec 4]. She placed Deborah (formerly Debbie) Gibson in a context not at all befitting of the talented, influential superstar that she is.

Said reader writes, "the majority of animals in this country's shelters are the leftover impulse purchases that some dumb fuck at a mall picked up along with the latest Debbie Gibson album." Your quote is a lazy cultural reference as well as an irresponsible affront to Gibson fans everywhere who continue to adore this heavenly lady.

Your gravest flaw of reason was assuming that Deborah Gibson was a passing fad of the public, when in fact the opposite was true. In Deborah's calculated early rise to success, pop culture was merely a girlish phase to be passed on her path to her true and first love, theater, where she continues to thrive.

Deborah's temporary interest in pop music allowed her to become the youngest artist to write, produce and perform a #1 hit. With "fans" like you, it's easy to see how quickly tiring the public eye must have been. I would suggest that you, of all people, consider the examples you use in regards to those you call "dumb fucks." Good day.

Jennifer M.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNIFER M. for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week." For her staunch defense of the immensely talented Ms. Gibson, Jennifer will receive two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, and two passes to see The Gossip at Nocturnal, where she will join other "electric youth" in "shaking her love."