TO THE MERCURY: No, fuck you, Joe Haker ["Letters," July 15, wherein Mr. Haker disputes some of the facts in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11]. I can see why, as someone vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq and nearly all of Bush's policies, you would take issue with Fahrenheit 9/11--a movie that unquestionably has done much to sway public opinion. If you truly have issues with the legitimacy of the facts presented in the movie... then, please--let's hear them. I've read a lot of critical reviews and editorials aimed at the film, and I have yet to see one example of mistruth. Maybe because it's true. If you're as liberal as you claim, I'm sure you've already found this information within reputable news sources, as have I. Only it's been on the back page and slanted toward the right.

Yes, the movie is an opinion piece. But the facts stand up. Michael Moore has a fact checking squad and legal team ready to defend any lawsuit. Oh yeah, and as for your argument about "dismissing extremists": There are a whole lot of people on the fence listening to the socialist party.

Mandy Freund


DEAR MERCURY: Last night I saw the local indie film Decryptor that played at Clinton Street. Had I read the Mercury review before I saw the movie, I probably wouldn't have gone to this nice little moody noir film [Film, July 15, Justin Sanders]. Thank goodness I didn't. I seriously think the reviewer was way off base in his critique and his words of advice to local filmmakers. Maybe he just hates film noir, or maybe he just ate the wrong thing for breakfast in the morning, but I actually enjoyed this $6000 film quite a bit. It had a story that was suspenseful and FUN to watch. Maybe reviewers need to remember to keep having fun as well. Compared to most local films, Decryptor was very good despite its flaws and not deserving of the lecture given in the review. I suppose opinions are like cornholes, everyone has one... this is just my opinion.

Nick Lyon


TO THE PEOPLE OF PORTLAND: It has come to our attention that we are the only ones getting down at shows. We try to have a good time at concerts. Really get into it, you know? But lately, every time we look around it's like we've died and been entombed with an army of terracotta hipsters. Not a tousled hair is out of place. Not a trucker hat rimmed with sweat.

In Portland during the mid-'90s many of these shows would've incited some sort of mosh pit. Or at least head bobbing. Remember crowd surfing? Whether the phenomenon we're observing has to do with politeness, insecurity, or a new, passive way of listening to music, the concert experience is increasingly like watching a music video.

Live shows are one of the last venues where people can forget their inhibitions in the company of others. So, people of Portland, instead of buying a ticket so you can stand like a statue for three hours, why not get down? We don't care how cool you are or think you are, or how cool you think we are, or how cool we think we are, or how cool--or not cool--any of us in fact are. The point is to move ass. That's what you paid for.

J. Blalock, E. Hansen, S. McElroy

CONGRATS TO BLALOCK, HANSEN, & McELROY for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week!" They'll win tickets to see the Lifesavas at Berbati's on Friday, July 30. Now that's something to dance about!


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