[FROM THE EDITOR: We've received a virtual landslide of letters from all over the country regarding last week's feature by Dan Savage, entitled "Better Dead than Red." In the story, Savage champions a new urban political vision that leaves red state voters and their fundamentalist concerns in the dust. Read it at www.portlandmercury.com, and find out what everybody's screaming about!]


TO THE EDITOR: I just read Mr. Savage's missive of hate for those who voted for President Bush and for those living in the "red" states. The obscenities aside, he encapsulates the vicious hatred of the left toward conservatives that was personified in the personal attacks against President Bush during the campaign.

I was born in Portland. Sadly, it has become a pesthole of liberalism. I remember when it was perfectly safe to walk anywhere in Portland. No longer. The bums, winos and hobos have taken over downtown. Gangs roam freely scaring the bejeezus out of innocent citizens. The establishment of city government supported camps for the bums and others has made it attractive for the layabouts to find a place to hang out.

Sadly, Portland has become another lock-step liberal/socialist gulag and more's the pity. By the way, for all the years I lived outside the city, I never felt afraid or insecure. It was only when I moved back to the metro area that I clearly saw the need for a concealed weapon-carry permit.

The article was interesting in that it confirmed the vicious hatred this representative of the left has for honest, hard working, proud Americans who only want to preserve and protect this great nation and the principles upon which it was built. The only surprise was that there was no call for the UN to come in and take over the management of the states.

Al Martin, Depoe Bay, OR


DEAR MERCURY: Oh Dan, you're so pathetic. But that's okay. The red state voters have been carrying the moral dead weight and self-centered exhortations of your beloved blue "islands" for decades. Red state people can handle it because it's in our core beliefs to respect all people, and to forgive. That rubs you the wrong way because it's a Christian thing; clashes with your secular humanism. Liberals are the bastions of hypocritical speech; especially when it comes to racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. You're all for it as long as it suffices a political end.

We're used to sacrificing for you, Dan. While you sip a latté in your Portland bungalow, jacking off to porn from your hi-speed internet access, the rest of us hunt down Islamic genocidal freaks so you can have the luxury of living in complete oblivion. We grow the food for your table and provide the vacation for wilderness retreats so you can escape your insane city lives. The next time you pull up in a Subaru/Volvo/Volkswagen to eat at one of our quaint, small town diners in the Cascades because you have to get away from your urban Mecca, we should, theoretically, just beat the living shit out of you city people.

But we don't. Because we're better than that, and we're better than you. We always have been, and we always will be. Frankly, without us, this country can't exist.

Bryan D., Gresham


DEAR MERCURY: I was delighted to read Dan Savage's articulation of the actual red-blue divide, between urban and rural/suburban areas. Finally the left is realizing that we no longer need to cater to those noxious suburbs that leech off our urban culture, public transit, social services, airports, and sales tax-free shopping (I'm thinking of Vancouver, WA, here) while voting down our progressive measures, imposing their bigoted beliefs on us, and pretending they are unique, autonomous locations (again I am thinking of bloodsucking Vancouver).

But one point of contention: It was not the Midwest that gave W the victory. Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin were as strong in supporting Kerry as Oregon ever was. Indiana and Iowa messed up, true. But the real demon states in this election were the WEST: from Texas to the Dakotas and every place west of there, except of course for the anomalous urban coast.

So lay off blaming the Midwest, it's your neighbors like Idaho and Nevada that need to be converted.

Audrey OfCoursey


TO THE EDITOR: Face it, Democrats: you lost because you picked a lousy candidate, not because "Red America" hates homosexuals. But in any case, if you insist on spitting in voters' faces when they don't agree with you, you will continue to lose, and you will deserve it.

Dan Brown


TO THE MERCURY: Frankly, most of us rural voters couldn't really care less what social structure you build in the cities; and we have long wished the folks in the cities would stop trying to tell us what to do. For now, we've got a numerical and structural advantage that protects us from your meddling. If the democrats can just leave us alone, I think you'll find we'd be willing to leave y'all alone as well.

Too bad Clinton and the democrats proved exactly the opposite the last time they held power; they went after my guns, tried to destroy hunting, and they went after my health care, pretending they had the right to tell me how to live. They paid the price, and it will be many years before rural America trusts them enough to allow them to achieve power.

R. Walker


DEAR EDITOR: My sympathies to you for the maunderings and ravings of the above columnist. I assume you have no one that edits his writings. I also am sorry that you have to hire someone that is borderline psychotic, does not use words that are fit for print in a responsible newspaper and an all around basket case. The man is pathetic and since one would have to correct his every sentence, I will not weary you by pointing out all his errors.

Geraldine K. Smith, San Jacinto, CA


MR. SAVAGE: I am one of those beer-loving, barefoot, gun-toting, pickup-loving, tobacco-chewing, freedom-loving Americans who lives where freedom rings whether you like it or not. Your condescending attitude, smarter than thou banter, your snobbish stupidity and your failure to be tolerant of others while you hypocritically speak of BEING tolerant is why you are walled up in your concrete utopias.

You people are losing electoral votes to the Red States every decade. So lock yourselves up in your ivory towers while we laugh at you, pity you for YOUR ignorance. Incidentally, I hold a college degree and my daughter is an attorney. You see, we are not as dumb or as stupid as you think, and we have something you left-leaning commie loving liberals don't have: COMMON SENSE. You no longer have a monopoly on information, sir. Thank you for the internet, Mr. Algore Loserman!!!!

Lee Herrera


DEAR MERCURY: ...and my new Messiah Dan Savage.

People keep saying the blue states are out of touch like it's a bad thing. The further away we get politically the better. I say the red states need to catch the fuck up. You stupid backwoods, inbred, dog-kicking, sister-fucking rednecks are going to drag this country back into the motherfucking dark ages. The rest of the world is marching forward with its liberal, progressive human rights and pro-environment agenda and it's about time you hicks got a fucking clue.

This country is going to end up as big a religious fundamentalist problem as all the other fundamentalists running around blowing people up. Hell, we're already doing it. It's time for the ignorant fucks who think they have all the answers to take a look outside the big box--and by that I mean Wal-Mart. You don't see the red states trying to "reach out" to the blue states. They want us to conform to their way of thinking. FUUUUUUCK THAT SHIT!!

This administration wants you to be Mr. and Mrs. Red State, so congratulations on being stupid enough to buy the shit Bu$h Inc. is selling. While you bible-thumping hillbillies are voting the government version of Christianity 3.0, don't be surprised when the state takes away your right to worship your version.

The rest of the first world countries are on the move forward. If you figure out that this is actually the right way to go, then we can all get the fuck enlightened.

The Apostle LuLu

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