MS. KATIE SHIMER: Reading your review of Dodgeball prompted the following question: Would you have found the movie nearly so funny had it attempted to make humor of women being repeatedly struck in the breasts or vulva? Dodgeball should have been panned for its gratuitous sexual violence--or, perhaps you subscribe to a sexist double standard. To the extent you found Dodgeball humorous for its groin shots, you are a sexual degenerate--perhaps even a sexual sadist.



DEAR MERCURY: That was the lamest interview of Slayer's Kerry King I've ever read ["Music Bio", Dec 9]! Why waste the ink? Slayer is the most influential thrash metal band of all time and worthy of a little respect even if you don't like their music. "Have you ever drank human blood?" Get real! Like most of the underground metal acts of the early '80s, Slayer used "devil" themes as a gimmick. They pretty much stopped after Hell Awaits in 1985. AC/DC put out Highway to Hell in 1979. Would you ask Angus Young the same stupid questions?



TO THE MERCURY: Excellent job on the Bradley-Angle house article ["Holiday Online Gift Auction," Dec 9]. It's nice to see the Mercury touch on important subjects like this.

I'm a case manager for the Dept. of Human Services, and one of my duties is to screen victims of DV (domestic violence), and provide them with resources and referrals to escape their situation. Several times a week we refer clients to Bradley-Angle, as well as a few other shelters. Sadly, there are only a handful, so many women don't get a bed. Usually those women end up staying at one of the local shithole motels, which is no place for a young child and mother to be.

Hopefully articles and auctions like the one you ran this week will raise awareness and money, so more shelters can open in neighborhoods where they're needed, to avoid sending countless women back out onto the streets.



TO THE EDITOR: Okay, Mercury... I have no one else to turn to. The recent election for governor in Washington state is really bothering me. Could you please pose this question to all the readers of your rag in hopes that someone can clear up just one little question I have?

Why the FUCK, in THREE recounts of the votes, are all the numbers DIFFERENT???????

Doesn't this scare the holy living shit out of anyone but me? Could the unthinkable have happened (twice)? Could our own national election be flawed in a similar manner? Why has no one addressed this?

Okay, sorry... that was five questions. But just the answer to the first one will suffice. Thanks for your help.



TO THE EDITOR: I would like to address the lack of intelligence level and inappropriate subject matter on the Mercury's letters page. The point of a "Letters to the Editor" page is to encourage open public discussion about important issues and provide varying opinion. Unfortunately, most major newspapers filter out what is considered too far left or right of center. The Mercury has a great advantage in being a very far left, quasi-underground publication. You guys will print anything. The problem is what you choose to print. In the last two issues there have been five letters about Juggalos. Five. Maybe you don't see my point.

The incredible amount of free speech your paper enjoys is not being fully realized. Print the shit nobody else will. I want to see radical opinion. There are tons of people out there with great ideas about the world who need their thoughts expressed in the media. Every letter about mindless crap like Juggalos is one more letter not printed that could've influenced someone's perception. Maybe you don't want to lose your 16-year-old readers. Or maybe you don't want to lose your advertisers. If either of those is the case, I'm sorry. I thought your paper had some balls.


CONGRATS TO SHERMAN who almost won the Mercury "Letter of the Week." While he comes close to making a good point about our responsibility to print "shit nobody else will"--which we already do to an embarrassing extent--other than complaining, his letter certainly doesn't bring any "radical opinion" to the discussion. Therefore, this week's winner is STEF who will receive two tickets to the Laurelhurst and two passes to see The Explosion at the Meow Meow on January 28. Congratulations Stef, and as for Sherm: Want to see smarter letters? Try writing one.