TO THE EDITOR: I was shocked and appalled to read Marjorie Skinner's article in the "Fire Issue" and her casual use of the word "wigger" ["I've Been Set on Fire Twice," Aug 25]. This coming from a magazine who claims to be "progressive" and "liberal." I am a young progressive minority and would never use this kind of language especially to generalize an entire group of people. 

I will now get off my soapbox and react with my emotions. Marjorie, your friends, while being very stupid and ignorant, should have burned you, you stupid bitch. It is sweeping and ignorant statements made by whores like you that make it hard for women like me—intelligent, hard-working minorities—to get past the very stereotypes you seem so hell-bent on perpetuating. So, go forth and be the ignorant bitch that you are. Just please don't spew that hate and stupidity in writing.

Intelligent Minority


TO KATIE SHIMER: There's an easy way to avoid paying an ATM tax to eat at Arabian Breeze [Last Supper, Aug 25]. It's called cash. A restaurant is a business. Businesses have to pay to use credit card machines. If a restaurant uses them, the cost will be passed along to you in the form of higher menu prices. The purpose of a business is to make money, not to make life easier for you.

Get up off your fat ass and waddle over to your bank's ATM and you won't get charged a fee. This way you'll have actual money and not look like a whiny liberal asshole who expects everything to be done for her. So there! NYAH NYAH NYAH!

Curtis E. Bryant


HEY MERCURY: We understand your inclination to hate the Pearl [Last Supper, "Gems in the Pearl," Sept 1]. It's easy to hate successful, good-looking people who aren't encumbered with children. We were concerned about the area, too, initially, especially because of the crowds on the weekends. But the obnoxious people don't live in the Pearl—they come in from the suburbs. We don't go to Henry's and P.F. Chang's, but are glad those places are around because then the suburbanites don't take up space at the good local places.

The neighbors we've met are cool, intelligent people, who want to live in an urban setting in part because it is responsible to support dense living. It takes much less in terms of resources to live in a multi-unit dwelling than it does to live in some McMansion in Beaverton.

So hate the suburbanites—that's fine. But don't confuse the people who live in the Pearl with the people who crash it on the weekends.

Rachel and Dennis


TO THE MERCURY: Alright assholes! I've had just about enough of this "Henry" and "Yikes" bullshit. I've always looked forward to the Merc's "Laugh While You Can" section [page 59] because it usually contains good comics that don't get printed anywhere else in town. It upsets me, however, when you repeatedly shuffle the lineup. First, you killed "Dwarf Attack." If you had replaced it with anything beside "Perry Bible Fellowship," I would have been deeply saddened. Luckily, PBF is the funniest comic I've ever read. Then you started with that "Theme of the Week" nonsense. Then (thankfully) that idea was flushed, only to be replaced by two of the least funny comic strips I've seen so far—"Henry" and "Yikes."

I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I know its bullshit. If these strips are trying to satirize classic comics in some way, could they at least be funny about it? No one thinks it's funny that Henry's head is shaped like a girl's beach ball. The only people who would be amused by this shit are my old, dead grandfather and his old, dead friends. For the love of god, please plop "Dwarf Attack" back in the comics section, preferably right on top of both of those pieces of crap. Thank you.

Tim Nelson

CONGRATS TO TIM for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week" which includes passes to the Laurelhurst, two tix to see alaska! at Dante's on September 15, and a $30 dinner at No Fish! Go Fish!


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