DEAR EDITORS—Your shallow feature ["Best of Melting Pot Portland," Feature, July 26] ignored completely the impact of continued mass immigration from Third World nations on America's founding Western—and by that I mean Anglo-European—culture. At current immigration levels, by 2050 people of Anglo-European ancestry will comprise but half of America's population; by 2100 there will be as many Latinos in America as whites. Ask yourselves: Can our nation retain the Anglo-European cultural attributes that have been our template and guide since our founding—constitutional government, the rule of law, freedom of religion, respect for individual initiative, a tradition of free intellectual inquiry—without a majority Anglo-European population? What will remain of Western values if countless non-Westerners continue to flood into America?

Richard F. LaMountain


DEAR EDITOR—North Portland is in the midst of a great change. Affordable real estate has brought new blood and new money, investment money. North Portland is no longer a black community, not even close. Like a dog lifting its leg to mark its territory, the Albina Ministerial Alliance has claimed Portland Boulevard in the name of Rosa Parks, thereby politicizing and minimizing her great contribution ["A Street By Any Other Name," Feature, Aug 2]. New North Portlanders neither bow down to nor tithe to the AMA. I don't know how it used to be, but here in the new North Portland, home ownership is all the rage. We do it because the homes we bought are our own; these homes are our future. Believe me, painting North Portland as the same old black part of town will not do, because it's a lie. The population has changed, and no matter how subtle the AMA's social-gerrymandering effort, we will not abide this gross inaccuracy. It has changed so much; the fear that once permeated the area is gone, the crime relented. Let's go back to Portland Boulevard so we can all move forward.

Damon Ray Hymer


DEAR MERCURY—A response to Laurel G. Wilson's letter ["Only a Bigot Could Hate Rosa Parks," Letters, Aug 9] regarding the article "A Street By Any Other Name" [Feature, Aug 2]: Fuck you. To insinuate that Tracy Weber's "complaining about the lack of opportunity to voice her opinion and vote [on renaming Portland Boulevard to Rosa Parks Way]" marks her as a racist is the most ludicrous logic I have ever encountered. You call her actions "overt racism"; I call your blatant disregard for the circumvention of due process displayed in the hasty re-christening of our Portland Blvd. overt anti-Americanism. I can only conclude that you, Ms. Wilson, are a terrorist, and some time in one of our great nation's undocumented detainment facilities would do you a world of good. 

Cole Revell


DEAR MERCURY—I'm afraid I must disagree with Mr. Sosa the Segway rider ["A Victim of Segwayism," Letters, Aug 9]. Speaking of how Segways were technically bikes, he finished with "and look pretty dang cool while [riding] it." Excuse me? Are you delusional? Segways are not bikes, and when riding one, you look stupid. Like a complete idiot who is too lazy to walk or pedal. While I do not condone those bicyclists assaulting you, I do agree with their sentiment of keeping that stupid fruit cart out of the bicycle lane.

Rigel Pearce

CONGRATULATIONS TO RIGEL for reclaiming bike lanes for bikes! And for taking that Segway dude seriously about thinking he looks "dang cool." (Do you really think he was being serious? We can't tell!) For weighing in on the Segwayism issue, Rigel wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, which is both bike- and Segway-accessible.

MERCURY SOFTBALL UPDATE!Congrats to the Mighty Mercury Softball Team for their second place finish in the Portland Media/Bar/Restaurant League! Congrats also go to newly crowned grand champions Disjecta who took home this year's trophy—which we swear to reclaim next year, by all that's holy. To our fans, all the teams in the league, and especially our big-hearted Mercury squad (Ezra Ace Caraeff, Chas Bowie, Tonya Hise, Wm. Steven Humphrey, Amy Rosko, Alden Kasiewicz, Squid, Greg Glover, Mike Gill, John Naekel, Lucas Jones, Eric Bacher, Sonia Ruiz, and Marlon Basel), thanks for another great season!